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Anhui WHYWIN International Co.,Ltd

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The business of WHYWIN International is as follows: import of pulp, paper, Audio and Video products, printing equipment , raw plastic materials and other policy-permitted import of materials, facilities and technologies; export of books,periodicals and other printing products, mechanical and electrical products, office facilities, home appliances, cultural and sports goods, chemical raw materials, garments, leisure goods, arts and crafts, computer facilities and software; international trade of Anhui-publis...
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Company: Anhui WHYWIN International Co.,Ltd
Contact: Mr. yang yang shiwei
Address: NO.1 Yuejin Road,Hefei,Anhui
Postcode: 230061
Tel: 0551-2838972
Fax: 2838798
Homepage: http://www.whywin.cn/english/introduce.asp


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